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About Us

Cannaware is a New York City based organization created to ensure that all underserved communities have fair and equal access to the cannabis plant and industry. Since 2017, our mission has been to be a force of social change focused on providing a centralized hub of resources to bridge the gap between New York’s cannabis community and the ever-growing legal industry.

Cannaware works to provide helpful information and education to entrepreneurs, patients, specialists, advocates, and cannabis enthusiasts while fostering underserved communities for economic and social development. We curate unique social experiences as well as educational events for the cannabis community to network, learn, and grow.



CannaMarket™ is an event series that support and help cannabis businesses and organizations grow by connecting them to their intended consumers. Our mission is to educate our community on what is currently available in the cannabis industry and create a destination where people can shop for legal cannabis products conveniently.


CannaTalk™ is an event series created for the purpose of engaging conversation within the cannabis community so that we can learn, as well as network with others about the benefits cannabis that would have on society if allowed to thrive and develop

El Jangueo™

El Jangueo™ is a Latinx Curated Experience with the purpose of providing a laid-back atmosphere where people can kick-back enjoy some games, a home-cooked meal, and drinks with friends. Brought to you by Cannaware Society & Kreaky Products.

Would you like to help make a difference in your community?

Are you interested in helping to educate your community about the cannabis industry and the many benefits the plants have to offer? Than be apart of a team that is taking action to make a positive impact in communities and ensure everyone has affordable access. sign up for more information on how you can join the Cannaware Volunteer team.