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Join us as Cannaware Society™ Presents the Winter 2019 CannaMarket™ happening Nov 16th, 2019 from 2-7pm at 1519 Decatur St Ridgewood, NY 11385. Cannaware Society aims to support and help cannabis businesses and organizations grow by connecting them to their intended consumers. So we created a cannabis pop-up marketplace where people can shop conveniently, network, and learn more about cannabis. This event will feature music, food, giveaways, and over 20 Cannavendors offering a variety of products and services from the world of cannabis. As well as information on the various opportunities in the cannabis industry.


Please Note: No products containing THC (With the exception of Full Spectrum CBD products containing no more than .03% THC) can be sold at this event due to local NYC law and regulation. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and appreciate your cooperation and support.

Cannaware Society seeks to educate and raise cannabis awareness while bridging the gap between our community and the industry. We do so by curating unique social experiences and educational events for the cannabis community to network, learn from, as well as educate each other about the benefits of cannabis. Cannaware Society's mission is to cultivate a diverse community of advocates, patients, entrepreneurs, professionals, and enthusiasts, as we work to raise the public's level of consciousness and reshape the industry around Cannabis.


November 16th, 2019


1519 Decatur St Ridgewood, NY 11385




This marketplace will consist of curated cannavendors, organization and professional services offering a variety of products, services, and information on the various opportunities in the cannabis industry. Check them out below:


Jen Stock Designs profile pic .jpg

Jen Stock Mindful Jewelry is carefully created with the intent to help remind the wearer of being mindful and seeing the good in themselves, in others and in life. 

original Jewelry and small stash bags

Jen Stock Designs

Herbas profile pic.jpg

Herbas® is 100% organic products, made in small batches focussed on body care through plants & herbs. Cannabis is 1 of many plants we infuse our products with & truly a magical plant.

Body Care


Meridian-CBD Vendor profile pic.jpg

Meridian combine medicinal herbs and high potency hemp oil to create effective CBD products for people in need. Our salves and oils are created in small batches to ensure the highest quality and to assure our customers that they are receiving the greatest healing benets that the plant has to offer to restore, renew and relieve nerve pain.

full spectrum hemp

Meridan CBD

Le Haute Spa profile pic .jpg

Le Haute Spa LLC is a cannabis infused spa event concierge designed for women and mental health.

Spa event concierge

Le Haute Spa

Buddha buzzz profile pic .jpg

Buddha Buzzz is cbd company based in Bushwick.  They provide cbd oils and other infused products to help with self care and self healing. 

Cbd oil and self care products

Buddha Buzzz

GreenGiant Vapes Vendor profile pic .jpg

GreenGiant Vapes is a NY/NJ based Cannabis Accessory company established in 2016. GGV+Naturals is their sister company that produces organic consumer hemp products

Luxury Cannabis Pipes and Hemp Products

Green Giant Vapes

PieceMaker Gear profile pic .jpg

Sold in 30 countries  is Leader & Trailblazer for Silicone Accessories in the Cannabis Industry.

Accessories & Lifestyle Brand

PieceMaker Gear

Goodies 4 Goddesses Vendor profile pic .

A family business that specializes in handcrafted accessories, selling rare crystals /spiritual tools and essential oils.

Handcrafted accessories & spiritual tools

Goodies 4 Goddesses & Grabs 4 The Gods

Cibo Alto Delicatessen profile pic.png

Cibo Alto is a food catering company specializing in cannabis-infused and non-infused food.

Food Catering

Cibo Alto Delicatessen

NYCU Logo.png

New York Cannabis United is a trade association created to ensure that all New York communities have fair and equal access to both the plant and the industry. NYCU is a centralized hub for cannabis advocacy, education, business, workforce, and cultural development.

Trade Association

New York

Cannabis United


Calm Better Days brings CBD Wellness and Education thru personal pop ups (modern Tupperware party). Learn how to incorporate CBD into your lifestyle. From how to take it, what to take it for, different kinds of CBD, activation times, and what to look out for when purchasing. Learn, sample and shop the highly curated brands from small farms, producing sustainable and organic craft CBD

CBD Wellness

Calm Better Days

Lock & Key Remedies profile pic -Recover

Lock and Key Remedies in a Brooklyn-based Health & Wellness company, formed in November 2016 to develop a lineup of products which incorporate the non-intoxicating extracts from the Cannabis plants. The company is dedicated to educating consumers about the Endocannabinoid System and how plant-derived compounds interact with it. 

Health & Wellness

Lock & Key Remedies

Pacha Hierba profile pic .jpg

We are a worker owned and run cannabis cooperative of QTPoC herbalists and healers. We work with community to build power through knowledge of our ancestral medicines and healing practices. 

Cannabis Cooperative

Pacha Hierba

Aurora Elixirs profile pic.jpg

Women owned and operated premium hemp infused Elixirs. They use all natural ingredients designed to enhance the green notes of the cannabidiols, giving you the most refreshing effervescent tonics on the market

Premium hemp infused elixir

Aurora Elixirs

Teas by G profile pic.jpg

Teas by G creates  delightfully delicious  teabags, sweet comforting hot cocoa, and  vegan beverages infused with full spectrum CBD,  all sourced from organic hemp grown on small family farms.


Teas by G

Popped profile pic.jpg

Popped.NYC is a woman-led, NYC-based startup focusing on cannabis education, creating a safe space for people to share experiences, and product curation. 

CBD Lifestyle Brand

Popped. NYC

Doobie & Friends profile pic .png

Doobie & Friends is a world where your favorite novelties come to life, starring Doobie, and his friends Bubba Bong, Bobby Binger, Sweet Mary Jane and many more. Check out some fun stickers, books, shirts, and other stuff in time for the holidays! 


Doobie and Friends

Dbessentials17 profile pic.jpg

DB Essentials is a premier CBD-infused bath and body product company. Their products are 100% natural, plant-based, and handmade with no chemicals or added preservatives to ensure the best possible quality.

CBD bath and body products

DB Essentials BK

Kreaky Products Vendor profile pic .jpg

Kreaky Products is a CBD Infused Product line based on the east coast. Our goal is to offer options to people who are experiencing pain and discomfort. We have edibles, creams and beverages available.

CBD Infused Product line

Kreaky Products

Terrestrial Roots profile pic 2.png

Terrestrial Roots is a latinx-woman led company based in NYC the focuses on natural healing through the power of hemp and cannabis. 

CBD Infused Product line

Terrestrial Roots

SannaOhana Wellness & Yoga profile pic .

Women owned and operated premium hemp infused Elixirs. They use all natural ingredients designed to enhance the green notes of the cannabidiols, giving you the most refreshing effervescent tonics on the market

Health and Wellness

Sanna CBD yoga

Women Grow profile pic .jpg

Women Grow connects, educates, and empowers women in all segments of the cannabis industry. We put on monthly networking events where you can meet your next business partner, client and friend!

Community Events

Women Grow NYC


Women Grow connects, educates, and empowers women in all segments of the cannabis industry. We put on monthly networking events where you can meet your next business partner, client and friend!

Women Focused Organization

Dream Trips

Etain, LLC profile pic .png

Etain Health is a family-run, women-owned medical marijuana dispensary committed to manufacturing clean, safe, and consistent medical marijuana products for the patients of New York State.

Women Focused Organization

Etain Health

PrestoDoctor profile pic.jpg

 PrestoDoctor can get you a NYS Medical Card on-site in 30 minutes. Potential patients can speak to a compassionate doctor who specializes in medical cannabis, privately and completely online. Patients pick their physician, appointment times and conduct their video evaluation via their customer built HIPAA compliant telemedicine service. 

Telemedicine, Medical Cards

Presto Doctor

Sass profile pic -Recovered.jpg

Sass is a farm-to-table culinary treats purveyor based in Brooklyn, New York. Their plants are grown using natural pesticides so that our treats are infused only with yumminess and cannabinoids, not harsh chemicals. We make a variety of sweet and savory treats, including vegan and gluten-free options

CBD Infused foods


Pink Smoke Inc profile pic

At Pink Smoke Inc, Smoking is a luxury & Everything that Glitters is Gold. Bringing a touch of color to your routine. Color makes everything fun. 

CBD & Cannabis Accessories

Pink Smoke Inc


Cannaclusive profile pic.jpg
Emerald Media Group profile pic .jpg

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