The purpose of our CannaTalk™ event series is to create an engaging conversation around the various topics and issues that we face with cannabis as well as provide supporting resources to help them further expand on these matters and take action when needed.

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Feb 22, 7:00 PM

Cannaware Society Presents Cannatalk Vol. 10: How to be an educated consumer? moderated by Jeffrey Starr on Feburary 22nd at 7pm ET via Zoom. 


Today, a majority of the United States is home to either recreational or medical cannabis markets of some kind. Along with new cannabis legalization laws, an onrush of new products featuring cannabis in a multitude of forms has put the onus on consumers to know what they’re getting into. While those in the cannabis space may assume that cannabis consumers have by now at least learned some of the fundamentals about cannabis, according to a new report from cannabis data firm Oasis Intelligence, approximately 75% of people do not know much about cannabis. With terms such as “entourage effect”, “endocannabinoid system”, and “terpenes” still unfamiliar to many, despite the popularity of these terms being marketed by cannabis companies selling products. 


Traditional consumers would seek out the strongest product as it often signifies it was better. However, with these growing numbers of products on the market today. It is important to know not all cannabis is the same for every user. Different strains have different effects, as some are bred for relaxation, some for anxiety and relief, and others for creativity, etc. As we prepare for adult-use legalization in New York, having this knowledge can make a major impact in your product decision which can often be rushed and focused on purchasing and not learning.  


Our upcoming virtual discussion will feature a group of panelists who will breakdown the basic principles of the cannabis plants that will allow you to choose the best strain to achieve the effect you desire.


We hope you can join us for the discussion, followed by a Live Q&A with the panelists.

Feburary 22nd, 2020

7pm EST

Live Stream Via Zoom

Panel Discussion

Jeffrey Starr (moderator)

Jeffrey Starr @starr_jeffrey is a Cannabis advocate, NYS medical cannabis PCR, LPCR, OSS, and Outreach Coordinator. His healthcare experience is in nursing & pharmacy technician and providing consultation services for the cannabis industry. Jeffrey has 5 years of experience in the NYS medical cannabis program, covering all aspects of patient, dispensary, outreach, and physician relations. His focus has been advocacy, equity, and inclusion within the cannabis community. A U.S. Army Paratrooper (retired) who has also found chronic pain relief as a patient in the program. As the medical cannabis program moves toward adult use in NYS Jeffrey believes there must always be a space for the education of new and existing patients. 

Oleg MaryAces

Oleg MaryAces entered the Cannabis Industry in April 2012, by starting the development of portable vaporizers for use with cannabis extracts. After 2 years of R&D and manufacturing devices in China, Oleg shifted focus to US-based production and collaborated with a Connecticut-based manufacturer to design a new line of mechanical and electronic vaporizers. Being involved in the industry, Oleg was exposed to countless stories of Cannabis changing people's lives by helping them with a wide range of health conditions. This inspired Oleg to come off prescription drugs, which he was on for 15 years of his life, with Cannabis as his "Exit Drug". He then shifted his focus from the hardware (vaporizers) to the active ingredients (Cannabinoids and Terpenes). Oleg, along with his partners, founded Lock and Key Remedies in November 2016, to develop a lineup of health & wellness products which incorporate the non-intoxicating ingredients that are extracted from the Cannabis plants. Oleg is dedicated to educating people about CBD, Cannabinoids, Terpenes and how all these compounds interact with the Endocannabinoid System.

Tarik Buds

As the marijuana industry became a hot topic on Capitol Hill, This Harlem native "ganjapreneur" helped establish and expand the California dispensary experience on the East Coast. With his regular "cannabis sessions" around the NYC area and seasonal "Ganja Games" events that have revolutionized the 420 experience and introduced an unprecedented product that has changed how consumers view weed smokers. Tarik is the North American Marketing Manager of Piecemaker Gear @piecemakergear, the creators of the original, indestructible silicon bong. Bringing international and celebrity recognition to Peacemaker's colorful and reputable products, Mr.Buds has managed to redefine the perception of marijuana and marijuana smokers with hemp education in an illustrious, visual form. He is one of the freshest faces that cannot be ignored in America's burgeoning cannabis industry. Learn more about hemp-based healing products, moderate edibles for non-smokers and gain an overall better understanding of the benefits of hemp and marijuana from Tarik Buds.

Tammy Pettigrew

Tammy Pettigrew is a California-based cannabis advocate, educator, and speaker focusing on cannabis science, history, business, and debunking countless myths surrounding cannabis. Her goal is to create change by helping others improve their lives by arming them with the proper information and challenging outdated perspectives when it comes to health and wellness. In 2018, Tammy graduated from the University of Miami with a Master of Business Administration and subsequently launched her cannabis education company, The Cannabis Cutie. This educational platform hosts a cannabis-based book club, cannabis courses, a vlog, and social channels with daily education. Currently, she hosts educational and informational segments on Herb Magazine’s social channels and was recently named a Power Player of 2020 by Merry Jane, and 420 Influencer of the Year by the Jack Herer Cup.

Eve Marie

Eve Marie got her start in cannabis through her personal consumption and curiosities of the plants’ many uses in 2010. Since then she’s moved on to start her own company in 2015, High Beautiful, with a mission to inspire positive perspectives about cannabis. She’s worked with individuals and companies to educate patients, consumers, and teams to understand cannabis products, and how they fit into different lifestyles. She is excited to help people to align with the plant in a way that is beneficial to them for health or business.

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