The purpose of our CannaTalk™ event series is to create an engaging conversation around the various topics and issues that we face with cannabis as well as provide supporting resources to help them further expand on these matters and take action when needed.

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May 18, 7:00 PM

A generation ago, responsible parenting meant rejecting cannabis, considered a taboo indulgence (or even a serious risk) for the young and foolish. Changing attitudes about cannabis and a growing awareness of its medicinal value has led to greater acceptance among parents. According to a recent Yahoo survey, 54% of Americans who consume cannabis are parents, and 30% have children under 18. 

CannaTalk Vol. 7: Cannabis & Parenting - Shifting Perspectives in Our Households will be a discussion about the critical issues parents face around cannabis, such as: what constitutes responsible use; consuming while pregnant and nursing; talking to children about the plant; and the increased scrutiny and penalization of poor and vulnerable POC families, for whom the threat of separation over cannabis usage looms large.


Join us for this conversation followed by a Live Q&A with the panelist where you can directly submit questions via Zoom live chat on May 18th at 7pm EDT.

May 18th, 2020

7pm EST

Live Stream Via Zoom

Panel Discussion

Tanya Osborne

Tanya Osborne is a true Renaissance woman! The Founder of CannaDiva, LLC, a brand committed to supporting women in the space from hosting Canna-events and shining a spotlight on women entrepreneurs and the products and services that are women-focused and the NYC Market Leader for Women Grow which is a National organization encouraging and supporting women to build and "grow" in the Cannabis industry. A passion for entrepreneurs, diversity, and women has led Tanya to the Cannabis industry which is positioned for exponential growth.  Her goal is to educate, connect, and support women leaders in this industry.

Miriam aristy-farer

Born in Washington Heights and raised in Queens. She focused her volunteer efforts on public education equity in Northern Manhattan and was appointed by the Manhattan Borough President to the Community Education Council for District 6, where she served as president representing 24 elementary schools both in the city and state on all policy items. She became well versed in navigating government, city policy & urban gardening while working with the local school districts on equity & green initiatives. In the process she fell in love with plants and with family in Colorado, a curiosity with cannabis began. That newfound love of plants helped her to launch, Herbas, a plant-based body care brand in 2017. 

Chanel Porchia

Commissioner Chanel L. Porchia Albert CD, CPD, CLC, CHHC is the Founder and Chief Operating Officer of Ancient Song Doula Services a reproductive health organization of over 70 full-spectrum community-based doulas focused on providing resources and full-spectrum doula services to women of color and marginalized communities throughout NYC and Northern New Jersey. Her work within infant and maternal health have led her across the globe to Uganda where she has served as a maternal health strategist in rural war-torn areas to address the lack of resources to birthing mothers, she is a certified lactation counselor, midwifery assistant, and vegan chef and has served on various advisory boards throughout the country. 

Dr. Caroline Hartridge

Dr. Hartridge is a physician, entrepreneur, and mother. Her private practice focuses on plant-based medicine, osteopathic manipulation and mind/body/spirit work. She is a medical cannabis advocate with a patient inspired CBD product line. Additionally, Dr. Hartridge is a board member of the nonprofit entities: You Can Thrive (Breast Cancer) and Veterans Ananda (Veterans and Cannabis).

Rani Soto

A Father, Cancer survivor, cannabis advocate, and entrepreneur. Rani previously worked as an educator in the New York City school system and is currently a financial advisor. His ultimate goal is to close the Cannabis information gap that currently exists within all communities, especially communities of color.



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