The purpose of our CannaTalk™ event series is to create an engaging conversation around the various topics and issues that we face with cannabis as well as provide supporting resources to help them further expand on these matters and take action when needed.

The next legislative session begins on January 8th, 2020 and community advocates will be on the frontlines pushing for the passage of cannabis legalization rooted in racial, social and economic justice.

Right now, New York is at a critical juncture. Poised to determine the fate of marijuana legalization – and justice – in our state. As the session commences, it’s imperative to ensure that marijuana legalization passes in a way that supports communities of color most impacted by prohibition and the War on Drugs. This is the time to speak up and take action.

Join us for Cannaware Society Presents CannaTalk Vol. 5: Action Speak Louder than Words, on Jan 25th from 2-7pm at 46-55 Metropolitan Ave #102, Ridgewood, NY 11385. This event will feature a panel discussion that empowers NY residents to take action and ensure their voices are heard by their elected officials, alongside music, food, Cannavendors, giveaways, and a live performance.

Cannaware Society seeks to educate and raise awareness about the many benefits of cannabis while bridging the gap between the culture's community and the industry.  Cannaware Society provides information and curates unique social experiences as well as educational events for the cannabis community to network, learn, and grow. Our mission is to cultivate a diverse community of advocates, patients, entrepreneurs, professionals, and enthusiasts, as we work to raise the public's level of consciousness and reshape the industry around cannabis.

January 25th, 2019


46-55 Metropolitan Ave, Ridgewood, NY 11385

$15 online | $20 Door

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Panel Discussion

Grizzly Bocourt

Grizzly Bocourt is an Afro-Latino rebel who has been challenging the status quo by taking action to advocate positive changes in society. As a cannabis community advocate and industry entrepreneur, he is deeply committed to a legalized market that provides affordable access to the plant for all communities and supports small businesses and employees, particularly those who’ve been devastated by America’s drug war. As the founder of A Rebel Minded Society, Cannaware Society, and New York Cannabis United, he continues to breaks boundaries by creating avenues of creative expression and cannabis education for people of color. 

Jacob Plowden

Jake Plowden is the Deputy Director and a founding member of Cannabis Cultural Association or Canna Cultural. He co-founded his organization back in 2015 with response to the lack of discussion around racial equity and inclusion in the growing cannabis space. Jake onboards communities with educational events, community outreach, and establishes networks to build a better functioning cohesion of industry and community. He also conceptualizes and organizes events surrounding cannabis culture, entrepreneurship, advocacy/activism, and the history of the War On Drugs’ effects on black and brown communities.

Imani Dawson

Imani Dawson is a courageous and compelling communications strategist and creative, committed to mission-driven social change. Since launching her company, TCC Media, a MWBE-certified boutique communications and branding agency specializing in political strategy, progressive social issues and legal cannabis, Imani has championed diverse audiences by building community, creating meaningful multi-channel content and creating impactful events. Dawson has advised elected officials, non-profit organizations and small businesses, creating and executing focused on creating and executing marketing and public relations campaigns that win elections and popular support, build brand recognition and influence, and boost positioning, engagement and sales. 

Ashaki Fenderson

Saki Fenderson is an award-winning speaker, author, cannabis educator and community activist with more than a decade of experience providing information, resources and empowerment for individuals looking to explore the health and wellness benets of plant based medicine.  Saki has been an outspoken advocate for legalization rooted in social and economic justice since 2013. She channeled her research background into exploring the science, history and culture of cannabis. Learning of the racist origins of cannabis prohibition and its use as a tool for suppressing communities of color spurred her advocacy and desire to educate and empower.



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