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We're excited to announce that we will be hosting another Minimarket on August 29th  2-6pm at Hemp Lab NYC - 128 India Street, Brooklyn NY 11222. If you missed out on July’s Minimarket, be sure to stop by and not only shop some of the highest quality CBD products but also be educated on CBD and all the benefits it has to offer. We take pride in the events that we host for our fam and we know how fulfilling it feels to be able to connect with the founders and/or representatives who create the phenomenal products. Cannaware Society seeks to not only educate and raise awareness on the many benefits cannabis offers but most importantly aims to bridge the gap between the cultures community and the industry, this is why we put together events like “The Minimarket”. 


We can always count on SMK BRK to put together a dope playlist for everyone to vibe out to, Hemp Lab to provide a beautiful and relaxing setting, the event will also have food and of course Cannavendors offering a variety of products and services from the world of cannabis. Information on various opportunities in the cannabis industry will also be given so don’t forget to ask! Come spend part of your Sunday with us and spoil yourself, there is no better love than self love and the best way to accomplish that is with self care. 


We can’t wait to connect with you all. 


Please Note: No products containing THC (With the exception of Full Spectrum CBD products containing no more than .03% THC) can be sold at this event due to local NYC law and regulation. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and appreciate your cooperation and support.

Cannaware Society seeks to educate and raise awareness about the many benefits of cannabis while bridging the gap between the culture's community and the industry.  Cannaware Society provides information and curates unique social experiences as well as educational events for the cannabis community to network, learn, and grow. Our mission is to cultivate a diverse community of advocates, patients, entrepreneurs, professionals, and enthusiasts, as we work to raise the public's level of consciousness and reshape the industry around cannabis.


Tickets are FREE, but RSVP is a must. We’re also offering Cannaware Hemp tote bags which you can purchase with your Admission Ticket. Get your while supply last!!!


August 29th


128 India Street, Brooklyn NY 11222


$20 Ticket with Hemp market bag



Kreaky Products

Kreaky is a NYC Based company ran by 3 generations of Caribbean women. We specialize in cannabis infusions ranging from honey to herbal prerolls. Our mission is to offer amazing products as well as spaces where consumers can indulge in the beauty of weed.


Lady + Jane

Lady and Jane is an e-commerce site where you'll find quirky cannabis accessories you won't find at your local smoke shop. All products have been hand picked by cannabis concierge. They meet the highest quality and are aesthetically pleasing

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It is LUXEMJ mission to engage and support communities most affected by cannabis criminalization. Every order is equipped with a marijuana legalization fact sheet thats educates our consumers around justice-led initiatives, as well as local regulations.




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