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Please join us on March 18th at 7 pm EST, via Zoom, where Cannaware Society and a compelling group of panelists unite to discuss the importance of the MRTA and why it must be passed. Our panel will consist of experts and leaders in the cannabis industry. They will explain what is wrong with the current law, the CRTA, and explain why the MRTA is the only bill that ensures our community comes first. Whether your interest is medical, business, or adult-use, it is important to know how legalization will affect you.


We all know what is currently at stake with cannabis legalization in New York, and although Governor Cuomo has recently made amendments to his CRTA proposal. Which was a response from advocates organizing for cannabis justice across the state and in the Legislature. It still falls short of what we need to ensure social equity, community reinvestment, and the proper decriminalization of cannabis is included.


As the state prepares for its Budget deadline on April 1st, Now more than ever, we need to ensure people understand why the MRTA is important and provide them with the action items to make their voices heard and help apply pressure to Governor Cuomo.


On March 18th, we will have an open forum virtual discussion featuring a group of panelists to discuss the challenges posed by the CRTA and why the MRTA is the only bill that ensures our community comes first.


In addition, we will provide our audience with the opportunity to state their opinions and get their questions answered. We know how important the MRTA is for our communities in New York,  this event is to ensure that we are keeping our community educated and providing them with the action plan needed to ensure that legalization is done - the right way!


Join us for this conversation on March 18th at 7pm EDT. RSVP at for live stream details.

Panel Discussion

Saki Fenderson (moderator)

Saki Fenderson is an award-winning speaker, author, cannabis educator, and community activist with more than a decade of experience providing information, resources, and empowerment for individuals looking to explore the health and wellness benefits of plant-based medicine. Saki has been an outspoken advocate for legalization rooted in social and economic justice since 2013. She channeled her research background into exploring the science, history, and culture of cannabis. Learning of the racist origins of cannabis prohibition and its use as a tool for suppressing communities of color spurred her advocacy and desire to educate and empower. Saki combined her culinary talent and commitment to social justice by launching Tainted Love BK, a company that provides cannabis education and instruction while working to expand safe and legal access to the plant for vulnerable communities.

Tosin Ajayi

Tosin Ajayi is a progress-focused leader committed to advancing social change and solving the world’s most pressing issues. Her passion for destigmatizing cannabis led her to create the first cannabis policy club at NYU, leveraging the support of over 200 NYU students to persevere through the rigorous application process. She also impacts the cannabis industry with her influence as a minority business owner of the CBD company, Holistic Remedies LLC. With her expertise in nonprofit management, she works to build a more equitable cannabis landscape by overseeing NYU CannaPolicy’s activities,
serving as an executive board member of the NYU Cannabis Network, and using her voice to advance responsible cannabis legalization.

Sheena Pachon

Sheena Pachón is proud to be both from Queens and the 80s. Through her alias, "blunted bruja", Sheena speaks on her lived experiences with Latinidad, mental illness, spirituality, queerness, and social justice through an intersectional feminist lens. Her creed is "My advocacy is mi Brujeria." Sheena’s work bridges the unseen gaps between many communities of color and the cannabis space by spreading consciousness of underreported current events, social awareness, community outreach, and coalition building. Sheena's ultimate goal is the creation of comprehensive entryways for the most vulnerable communities into the safest and most equitable cannabis space possible.

Eli Northrup

Anthony Posada is a Supervising Attorney for the Community Justice Unit of the Legal Aid Society. Anthony graduated from CUNY School of Law at Queens College where he received his JD in 2012 with a specialization in Community Economic Development, Immigration and Deportation Defense. Anthony is also the son of a Colombian immigrant father, recently deported, who spent more than two decades incarcerated in the US prison system. At the Legal Aid Community Justice Unit, Anthony has provided legal services to members of “Cure Violence” Programs. Cure Violence focuses on gun violence as a national health issue. It works with likely victims to change social norms that have perpetuated the deaths of both individuals and communities. Anthony’s work does not stop with his job. As always he has been deeply engaged with struggling communities and has given his own time and talent to many efforts to seek social justice. In 2010 he started Project Attica: Community Through the Arts, a collective of lawyers, activists, community members, and artists dedicated to spreading the message of using art to empower underserved youth and communities. He currently serves on its board as Art Programs Director, and when he isn't busy helping young people get their activist messages onto T-shirts, he is hosting restorative and healing circles and posting calls to action on social media by adding his own drawings.

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