Cannaware Society Present Social Gathering from a Distance, a weekly virtual social gathering curated by a new host every week. We aim to provide a fun space for our CannaFam to come together, share stories, participate in group activities, and vibe out with others from the comfort of your home. So grab some snacks, your favorite PJs, some herb, and join the festivities every Sunday 2:00-4:00pm EDT


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May 31, 2:00 PM EDT

Cannaware Society Presents Social Gathering from a Distance Volume 3, the next installment of our weekly online social gathering series curated by special guest hosts every Sunday at 2pm Eastern US Time on Zoom. For SGFAD Vol. 3: Show & Tell Dress-Up Sesh, guest host Farah will be helping unleash our inner children (in the very best way) and going through her stash for cool products to share. Tickets are FREE, but RSVP is a must.

This weekend, let’s throw it back to elementary school, when we’d have dress up time and show and tell… but this time, with cannabis! Grab a fun outfit, costume, prop, or object you can find around the house and join guest host Farah as we dig through our stashboxes and explore how cannabis connects us to our ‘inner child,’ and lets us embrace playtime and curiosity throughout our lives. Afterwards, you can even take a nice Sunday afternoon nap.  It’s FREE, but RSVP is a must to join. RSVP via the link below.



Meet & Greet: Hear what Farah’s been up to during quarantine, her time on the Hi-Curious app, and how the cannabis community has helped her find support and purpose in this time. All are encouraged to introduce themselves, too, and to share a bit about what’s been up lately!

Group Discussion: See what’s inside Farah’s stash box! She’s got lots of different kinds of edibles, vapes, flower, and concentrate to share and discuss, as well as ways to consume, from pipes and rigs to vapes. We’ll also kick off our discussion on how cannabis can connect us to our inner child and playfulness. 

Activity: For our activity, we will be doing a show & tell with any fun props or costumes you have as we go around the group to see what folks have in their own stash boxes and to show off your fun looks.


Here are a few things you will need to join: 

  • Wear a fun outfit, costume, or prop!

  • Bring something from your stash box to share with the group!

  • Be ready to play and have fun!



May 24th, 2020

2-4pm EST



Farah Tariq is a corporate lawyer in the cannabis industry. She attended Harvard Law School and has been practicing law for a decade. She is passionate about breaking the stigma of cannabis and exploring the different ways cannabis promotes and supports wellness. She is currently based in Southern California, and you can find her on Instagram @litlawyer.


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