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from 12-4pm at 

Not Enough Studio - 1532 Nostrand Avenue, Brooklyn NY

New York has become the 15th state to legalize cannabis for adult use. Under the Marijuana Regulation and Taxation Act (MRTA), New York‘s legalization law, several old and new penal law marijuana convictions will be automatically expunged. The passing of the MRTA is a great start and initial blueprint for the legalized cannabis industry. However, there is now a pressing need to properly disseminate information about expungement and other aspects of the MRTA within the community. We recognize that the current sealing and expungement laws are underutilized, many New Yorkers are eligible but unaware that they have the ability to expunge their records. 


We created our take-action workshop series, to offer legal services and local wrap-around resources to help people address their cannabis-related conviction records, which then allow them to explore the available opportunities that may be vital to remedy the consequences of their convictions. 


We will offer legal aid consultation and other wrap-around services to help members of the community. Attendees can: 


  • Get elections updates and learn about their elected officials’ positions on cannabis

  • Speak one-on-one to a legal expert about cannabis-related convictions and clearing your record

  • Receive information about local wrap-around services

It is part of Cannaware Society’s core values that we continue to fight against the harms created by the war on drugs and work to address the challenges that formerly incarcerated people face. We believe in the great power of this legislation, but we also understand the people who are affected by the MRTA must be educated on how it impacts them, and how it works.

Employment services - managed by WOCC

Get access to WOCC CannaCareer Resources Library and sign up for their next live monthly modules and "Office Hours"

  • Provide individuals opportunity to sign up for "Office Hours" which are 30min - 1hr long sessions that provide the opportunity to update your resume for Cannabis specific job placement.

Legal Aid Station - managed by Brooklyn Defender Services

Speak one-on-one with legal experts about cannabis-related convictions and help get your record cleared.

  • Inform individuals on the new automatic expungement law

  • Provide information on how to obtain Rap Sheet and more information about criminal history

  • Provide information on how to obtain a Certificate of Disposition

  • Provide options for those who have a marijuana conviction that is not eligible for automatic expungement

  • Provide options for those looking to seal or expunge a non-marijuana related offense

  • Provide information about intake for BDS through their Community Office


Resources Station - include information about local wrap-around services

  • Housing services

  • Re-entry services

  • Employment services

  • Food services

  • Health Services

  • Cannabis legalization info

  • Voter information

  • Childcare

  • Elder Services

  • Immigration Rights and Services



September 19th


Not Enough Studio - 1532 Nostrand Avenue, Brooklyn NY



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